HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All Sites

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Today we are excited to announce free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on This brings the security and performance of modern encryption to every blog and website we host.

Best of all, the changes are automatic — you won’t need to do a thing.

As the EFF points out as part of their Encrypt the Web initiative, strong encryption protects our users in various ways, including defending against surveillance of content and communications, cookie theft, account hijacking, and other web security flaws. has supported encryption for sites using subdomains (like since 2014. Our latest efforts now expand encryption to the million-plus custom domains (like hosted on

The Let’s Encrypt project gave us an efficient and automated way to provide SSL certificates for a large number of domains. We launched the first batch of certificates in January 2016 and immediately started working with Let’s Encrypt…

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Who’s Independent of Who?!

Money can never produce a world where women are independent of men and vice versa, both are create to live for the other!

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Civilized Duty!

Men and women have a purpose in this life, men are not ATMs and women are not sperm banks! The duty of the man is to be a responsible leader to the woman, the child, and the community. While the woman’s role is to be a support and an aid to the man but only when he is being righteous toward the woman, the child and the community!

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Quote for the day Thursday 7 March 2013

Easy said then done!

Bear Tales

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You like him, He likes you, What’s the Problem!?

What is it about women who will not give a guy a chance at love just because he doesn’t have certain material possessions!? I mean, damn, what’s the problem!? He don’t have a car, you don’t have a car, you both got something in common! How about walking together trying to figure out ways to spend time with one another? OK, you got your own place and he still lives with his mother, he must not be too bad if his mother isn’t kicking him out the house! Yeah, give the man’s character a chance not his car or his place of living!

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The Damn Do-Nothings!

You know there are people in this life who are satisfied just doing nothing, they are here to take up space and time and they are content with petty positions of authority. These are the same ones who eventually need help and want others to do things for the benefit of them. They are the ones who criticize and speak out against others who are doing something positive, but the Do-Nothings will never win even though they will continue to exist, they are just opponents to be knocked out by the champions of truth. They remind you of characters out of a Dr. Seuss book!

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Do What You Can, You’re Not A Therapist!

In relationships, men and women have to do what they can for each other, as for as dealing with a mate’s mental, psychological, and emotional issues. For some, all it takes is having anther person to love that heals their inner pain and troubles, but for others, it does take professional help!!

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What Are You Really Trying To Say?

Since God (Allah) made man in His image, that makes man sort of a reflection of God (Allah), so when people say that God (Allah) loves everybody including gays and lesbians, what are they really saying about God?! Do you mean that God is gay or bisexual, or that He is a rapist,  a child molester, a pimp, a prostitute, a war monger, a con artist, a mass murder, a sexual lover of animals, a liar, a thief or that He is a psychedelic weed smoking hippie promoting free love?!

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“Whoever is in…

“Whoever is in charge of the hell in your life is your devil!”

– John Henrik Clarke

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Ladies, Be A Backbone Not A Chicken Wing!!!

A woman can be a man’s source of pleasure, happiness, and confidence, but ONLY if she is honorable. A man can have ten thousand enemies against him daily but with an honorable female he is able to overcome the world head on. Contrary to that, if she is untrustworthy and dishonorable in any way, a man can have ten thousand friends and feel ten feet deep in the ground, in others words like a dead man with no life in him!!!

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